Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded.

Jess Lair

Childhood can be tricky to navigate, as it is marked by such rapid development and change. It is often difficult for parents to know when a child’s struggle is a passing phase and when it may be indicative of something more serious.

Seeking therapy for your child is often a good idea if your child is in emotional distress and this distress is significantly interfering with their daily functioning. Children who are sad, irritable or anxious tend to make much better adjustments to life when they have the benefits of therapy. Therapy not only provides children with an opportunity to safely express their feelings and thoughts, but it also helps them develop the tools to regulate their emotions, problem solve, and generally manage life’s difficulties in a more positive and effective manner.

I work with children as young as age 7 on a variety of issues including:

• Worry/anxiety
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Specific phobias
• Perfectionism
• Feelings of sadness, frustration, and loneliness
• Divorce, separation and other big transitions
• Social challenges
• Low self-esteem or self-confidence
• Learning differences