This darkness is not a dead end. It’s a hallway. Keep going.

Emily McDowell

When fear, sadness, stress, anxiety, irritability, and conflict keep arising and cause you to feel overwhelmed or stuck, therapy can be incredibly helpful to overcome those struggles and create more satisfaction and meaning in life. Many people seek therapy because they are having relationship or intimacy issues, are still troubled by adverse experiences from their childhood or past, may be struggling at work or with their families and friends, or are wanting to navigate through a transition successfully. I want to help uncover why things aren’t working the way you want them to work and how to make them work better. I also encourage the use of our relationship in therapy as a way to test new ways of relating to others and to understand yourself more deeply within the context of a safe relationship.

Within a supportive and nonjudgmental environment, we will use a variety of interventions to increase self-awareness and build skills to help you move forward into the future in a way that will allow you to better meet your goals and aspirations. I work particularly well with individuals who are self-reflective in nature and motivated by personal growth rather than solely symptom reduction.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Generalized anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Specific Phobias
  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Relationship Difficulties